This section describes how to change the data being displayed on your report.

Using this, one can avoid creating different reports each time the input data changes, but instead create one chart and have it show different data.

Custom chart options are specified via query string parameters, passed to the URL for viewing or embedding the chart.

Specifying Custom Chart Data

Once you create and publish a report, the chart will contain one or more graphs with the initial data you have selected when building it.

You can override the data sets for your graphs by appending a query string parameter for each graph, like shown in the example below.

Example: Custom Data

Consider the following sample report: It contains a bar chart showing the different usage statistics for some of the major web servers - Apache, IIS, Nginx, LiteSpeed, Google Servers and Other. The initial percentages are: 65.4, 15, 14.6, 1.9, 1.3 and 1.8 respectively.

To modify that data, simply add a param to the URL and assign it the comma-separated list of new values -,20.5,30.5,10,5,15

After adding the new parameter, the URL should look like this:,20.5,30.5,10,5,15

If you have more than one graph, you can override multiple graph data by adding more than one parameter, like:

Specifying the X-axis Labels

Overriding the X-axis labels is done by adding a custom axisX.categoricalValues parameter to the URL.

Example: Custom X-axis Labels

To modifythe X-axis labels for the report discussed earlier, we can modify the URL to look like:,IIS,Nginx+(FREE),Lighty,Google+Servers,Other

Customizing Embedded Reports

Modifying an embedded report's data is just as easy as customizing the regular reports.

To do so, simply append the custom options to the URL in the src attribute of the iframe as shown below:

<iframe width="400" height="300" src="//,20.5,30.5,10,5,15&axisX.categoricalValues=Apache+Web+Server,Internet+Information+Services,Engine+X,Light+HTTPD,Google+Web+Servers,Other+web+servers" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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